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Michael Clinton

Since the early days of  8mm film ,
Michael has experimented with art, making short films
and stop motion animation. 
In high school he and  his friends started making movies that eventually caught the eye of a new teacher that wanted to start an audio/visual department.

Affordable video tape machines were in their infancy.
Together they all recorded many of the school's events.
Michael was hooked.

After high school he decided to pursue a career in art and video production.
He graduated from Mercer College in 1982 with an
Associate of Applied Science Degree, where he studied
Advertising Design, Photography and Multimedia Production.

He eventually taught himself music production that has run the gamut
from reel to reel tape, midi, adat, and  computer digital music production.

Michael playing his first drumset . Christmas  in Japan 1972
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    The Music Place Recording Studio in Berlin NJ 1990