Audio & Video Samples

Nadia Stracciolini performing her rendition of Alicia Keys'
" If I Ain't Got You ". 
Recorded at C-Mare Productions.
Engineered & produced by Michael Clinton

FX Composite shot of a T-Rex walking by.
The various elements were created with
Magix Vegas Pro 365
Music Video 
Visual FX 
Football Highlight Reel
Promotional Video for the Woodcrest Country Club.
Mastered Hip Hop Audio Track 
Urban Ability for the band Divided by Fear
Sample  Country Rock Track 
There Goes Another Day
 by Michael Clinton
Mix & Master session
Take It To The Bank 
for Young Gunz
I Don't Know How To Love Him
Jesus Christ Superstar
Performed by Paula DiGianivittorio
More videos can be seen on YouTube Channel Cmareproductions