Recording Studio

Our recording studio offers 48 audio tracks.
A friendly, homelike and unintimidating atmosphere is
what we pride ourselves on.
If you're comfortable and relaxed, it will translate
into great recordings!
We record all genres of music, so feel at ease that your project is in great hands!
*You will have a professional broadcast quality recording.*
The mixing board with inline summing allows for plenty of                         flexibility when it comes to today's music.
The ability to add analog warmth to digital signals makes for                         smooth tracks with plenty of clarity.
State of the art Presonus and Behringer preamps
             convert analog sounds into pristine 
                           digital signals.
Outboard FX Rack with DSP FX units,EQ, and 
                             Power Amp.
Keyboards by Roland, Yamaha and Korg are available to handle a huge variety of 
                           the latest sounds of today and yesteryear.
We have a variety of guitars and fx to suit any musical taste or you can bring your own !
Our drum kit equipped with Zildjan cymbals and fully mic'ed up for capturing the groove.
 We also have an Alesis digital drum kit and plenty of percussion to go aound.
Auxillary rack with outboard digital recorder, mixer, multiple headphone amp and patchbay.
A number of audio monitoring solutions are used to guarantee that your
music sounds great on anything you listen to it on.
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The artist know as FIMF enjoys a cold one during a playback of his rap.
FIMF laying down his speed rap!
Recording Artist - Nadia Stracciolini shows her enthusiasm after laying down a perfect track.
Nadia recording a track for a demo reel.